The USC-2 and USC-3 cards are capable of running as a standalone (Flash) system without PC.
Dynamic setting of strings, job selection and execution can be controlled through different interfaces.

USC with Flash allows an optimized performance. For example, very high speed marking on the fly applications with dynamic setting of the marking content can be realized very comfortable.

The USC with Flash card has a G-Code interpreter on board. G-Code files can be uploaded by FTP and the complete job can be started via command.

The Flash option is on board and can be activated with the license key.


  • 1 GB Flash (USC-3: 4GB)
  • job upload via USB, Ethernet or FTP server
  • G-Code interpretation for creating jobs
  • suitable for marking on the fly applications
  • dynamic entities e.g. date/time objects, serial numbers, barcoes (DataMatrix, QR code etc.) or text strings
  • Flash Control Interface (FCI) for remote control and automatization
  • FCI available via RS-232 or Ethernet (Telnet)
  • hardware controlled job selection via Flash JobIOSelect mode (by inputs)
  • grayscale and b&w bitmap marking with real-time exchange via FTP
  • Redpointer control for specific laser types

More information about the Flash functionality can be found in the USC-2 online manual.