SAMLight is a solution based on the technology of SAM and provides powerful functionalities for many industrial laser applications as well as for job shops.

User Interface

  • operates on MS Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7 (32 + 64 bit), Embedded Standard 7 (32 bit)
  • English, German and Chinese version available, customized translation possible
  • customized installer and GUI
  • password-protected user levels
  • easy accessible debug / backup tool

Job Editor

  • fast rendering of graphical data
  • transformation of data with mouse and keyboard input
  • functions for comfortable alignment and spacing
  • property page concept
  • transformation of point items
  • entity list for defining the order of marking

File Formats

  • SCAPS Job Format (SJF) with fast preview capabilities
  • many bitmap and vector import and export formats (bmp, png, jpg, plt, dxf, ai, svg, cnc, txt etc.)

Remote Control of SAMLight (CCI)

  • remote controlling of SAMLight via OCX (ActiveX) and COM interface from another customized software (32 and 64 bit)
  • automation using several MS Windows development environments
  • control by plain ASCII commands via TCP from a non-Windows OS possible


  • different control objects (wait, timer, I/Os etc.)
  • remote control via Ethernet or direct program calls (CCI)
  • special sequence jobs (pre-/ post mark processing etc.)
  • counter mode
  • JobIOSelect mode


  • variable adjustment of laser and scanner parameters
  • easy management of multiple optic settings
  • scanner movement preview
  • laser power save and shutter control
  • background camera integration

Pens and Styles

  • copy option for pen settings
  • perforation tool for cutting
  • advanced wobble shapes follwing marking direction (USC-3)
  • point to geometry mode for drilling
  • power and speed ramping
  • SkyWriting
  • combination of pens and hatches to styles
  • ParameterFinder for easy optimization of pen and hatch parameters


  • up to 10 pre-definable hatches
  • looping of pre-defined hatches with angle variation
  • filling of 2D polygon lines and layer structures with various styles
  • beam compensation of closed polygon lines during hatching


  • black&white and grayscale bitmap marking
  • improved and easy bitmap handling
  • automatic exchange of bitmaps in job
  • improved grayscale to power mapping
  • conversion fo vector to bitmap


  • generation of different 1D and 2D barcodes (3of9, EAN, EAN-128, Code-128, UPC-A, Data Matrix, QR etc.)
  • extended Data MatrixECC 200 access mode
  • Data Matrix dot generation
  • QR code with logo

Text and Fonts

  • fast font preview
  • radial text
  • Windows true type fonts (*.ttf)
  • open type fonts (*.otf)
  • laser fonts
  • font editor for defining customized laser fonts

Serial Numbers and Date/Time Objects

  • customized serial number objects
  • customized date / time objects
  • file serialization (csv, txt, xls, xlsm, xlsx)
  • time shift, mapping of year, month and day

Motion Control

  • for driving up to 6 axes
  • direct motion control and job control objects
  • homing procedure
  • GUI for easy setup
  • step and repeat functionality


Several planar and angular splitting modes are available for marking of objects which are larger than the working area. For all modes, fixed or adaptable split sizes can be used. Between two split parts, SAMLight manages the movement of the axes  automatically.

  • 1D Planar Splitting
  • 2D Planar Splitting
  • Angular and Ring Splitting
  • 1D MOTF Splitting

Parameter Finder

The Parameter Finder is a tool that helps to optimize pen and hatch parameters. It is structured as a wizard which guides the user through the different steps:

  • For testing, define the grid, the entity and the pen to be optimized.
  • Choose the "X Parameter" to be varied in horizontal direction.
  • Choose the "Y Parameter" to be varied in vertical direction.
  • Mark and select the best result or fine tune iteratively.
  • Use an automated log file to find perfect parameters.