SCAPS GmbH is a leading software and electronic manufacturer for controlling scanner and laser systems. The product range covers all features for the various kinds of applications using a galvanometer scanner and a laser bringing light to the material. Our customers are system integrators, machine manufacturers and scientific researchers world wide, ranging from small to large size companies.

The SCAPS team prides itself on the excellent customer service and the strong technical support provided to its clients.


SCAPS GmbH was founded in September 1996 by specialists in scanner technology and software. The aim was to develop a modular software for a wide range of scanner applications.

The first commercial product was a 3D job generation tool for the special needs of rapid prototyping. End of 1997 SCAPS extended its product line with 2D laser marking functionality.

Beginning of 1998 the ActiveX and COM technology was introduced. Now the complete software chain from 3D STL files down to scanner output was available in form of very flexible programmable modules. Realizing the possibilities for this technology, the SAM (Scanner Application Modules) components were built up.

This was the entry to world wide success. The SAM components now can be found in different kinds of machines, providing from low level functions up to the user interface. The SAMLight application was more and more completed and became a standard solution for the marking industry as well as for job shops. 2003 SCAPS introduced its own scanner card, the USC-1. Designed by experts with more than 15 years know how in scanner technology and realised with latest technology, this card rapidly occupied a leading position in the market. The USC-2 followed in 2009. Additionally providing an Ethernet interface and having Flash on board, this is the high end solution for advanced applications.

Beginning of 2018, SCAPS has around 550 customers, 28.000 systems have been sold.


Andreas Rönner - born. 1966, Dipl. Ing. Electro Engineer - is the managing director from SCAPS GmbH.

He is one of the founders of SCAPS GmbH and has a long term experience in scanner technology. He spent his whole professional career in companies producing or using scanner technology.