DSD - the Digital Servo Driver

The DSD replaces the analog control board in a conventional
scan head. It provides digital control of two galvanometer
scanners with analog position detection. This symbiosis of
analog and digital technology allows well-proven analog
technology to be equipped for the future due to new, digital
possibilities. Despite its compact size, complex mathematical
problems are solved in real time by effi cient algorithms, which
turns the DSD into a perfect tool for innovative solutions.

Introduction Video

You can also download the Video here:

DSD General

  • one DSD can drive two galvos (X and Y) or one electrical lens (Z)
  • single or dual axis configuration for scan heads
  • support of different galvo types
  • compact size
  • bidirectional XY-SCAPS interface allows advanced features
  • XY2-100 compatible mode available
  • protection mechanisms
  • support of USC-3 Flash mode (standalone)

DSD Features

  • intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • digital control interface XY-SCAPS
  • auto-tuning of galvos or electrical lenses
  • optimized scanning performance
  • error detection
  • overshoot protection
  • switch between different tuning parameters
  • reading and showing of real scanner positions