DSD - the Digital Servo Driver

DSD (board size 78 x 66 mm)

Due to the full digital approach of the DSD hardware and
due to its small size, very compact and innovative solutions
can be realized. DSD hardware consists of DSI and DSC board which can be easily mounted on each other.

Typical components of a scanhead

Components of a DSD based scan head

Depending on the used technology, different components are required for building a scan head.

For a conventional analog scan head

  • one board for converting the XY2-100 into two analog positions signals
  • two analog control circuit boards (one for each galvo x and y)
  • two galvos (x and y mirror) with optical position detector

For a DSD based scan head

  • one DSD module
  • two galvos (x and y mirror) with optical position detector

DSD General

DSD, DSC, DSI Data Flow


  • one DSD can drive two galvos or one electrical lens
  • different types of analog galvos can be controlled
  • extension connector for customized solutions
  • single or dual axis confi guration for scan heads
  • compact format
  • low power consumption


  • XY2-100 and bidirectional XY-SCAPS interface
  • optimized scanning performance
  • auto-tuning
  • protection circuits
  • error detection
  • advanced software features


  • power: typically 15 V - 36 V
  • quiescent current < 4 W
  • drive current (max.): 2.5 A rms and 9 A peak per axis
  • total dimension about 66 x 80 x 35 mm


  • DSD hardware comes with a software to calibrate and tune galvos quite easily