SAM - the programming library

The SAM (Scanner Application Modules) library is a set of components based on ActiveX and COM that offers a wide range of functionalities for all kinds of scanner applications. By employing this proven technology, users can optimize their process of software development and can focus mainly on their core competencies. This leads to faster „time-to-market“ cycles and higher product quality.

SAM was introduced to the market in 1998. The functionality grew with the requirements of many OEM customers worldwide.

The set of SAM components based on ActiveX and COM consists of a complete group of hierarchically organized objects for scanner applications and provides interfaces to all common programming tools on MS Windows. Sample applications written in different programming languages are available. These applications can be used as a starting point for customizing the software.

The functions within the SAM library range from simple to very powerful. Among others, it is possible to change marking parameters, generate texts, fill objects, change drawing colors, cut and group objects etc.

Several different subsets of the SAM library are available and can also be defined individually for developing an individual application.