SAM Standard Components

The SAM Standard Components contain all common functions for a perfect starting point for developing fully customized powerful applications.

User Interface

  • operates on MS Windows 10, 8, 7 (32 + 64 bit) and Vista
  • English, German and Chinese versions available. Customized translation possible.

Job Editor

  • fast rendering of graphical data
  • transformation of data with mouse and keyboard input
  • comfortable alignment and spacing functions
  • property page concept for fast adjustment of pens, hatch parameters etc.
  • transformation of point items
  • entity list for defining the mark order


  • supports different scanner controller cards
  • variable adjustment of laser and scanner parameters
  • scanner movement preview


  • filling of 2D polygon lines and layer structures with various styles
  • beam compensation of closed polygon lines during hatching


  • generation of markable scanner bitmaps
  • dithered and grey scale marking

File Formats

  • SJF (SCAPS Job Format) with fast preview capabilities
  • many bitmap and vector import and export formats (bmp, plt, dxf, ai, svg, …)


  • generation of different 1D and 2D barcodes like 3of9, EAN, EAN-128, Code-128, UPC-A, Data Matrix, ...
  • extended Data Matrix ECC 200 access mode
  • Data Matrix dot generation


  • linear and radial text
  • Windows True Type fonts
  • serial numbers
  • customizable date/time objects
  • laser fonts
  • font editor for defining customized laser fonts