DSD-2-A – the Digital Servo Driver Analog

DSD-2-A Features

  • uses DSC-2-S as calculating unit
  • analog 16 bit position input
  • bidirectional XY-SCAPS interface
  • support of different galvo types
  • two galvos (X and Y) can be connected
  • supply voltage ±15 VDC
  • supply current 2 A (per channel)
  • total dimension about [90 x 50 x 35] mm
  • optimized scanning performance with improved spot
    distance and higher positional accuracy
    by Model Prediction
  • Smart Laser Control compensates burn-in effects due to
    speed variation with adjustment of the laser power
  • error detection with optional laser suppression
  • real-time check of scan head performance
  • overshoot protection
  • switch between different tuning parameters
  • DSD recorder for display of real scanner positions
  • fast marking speed with up to 1000 characters per second