SAM3D is a SAM option designed for visualization and manipulation of 3D data. Input data formats are STL (triangle based description of facetted elements) and CLI (2 1/2 D element description). It includes a slicer for the generation of 2 1/2 D elements (set of layers) out of a triangle based element. Common applications are deep engraving and rapid prototyping.

SAM3D Components

  • Lines3D:
    Basic elements for 3D line structures like polylines and loops
  • TriaMesh:
    Triangle based 3D element
  • LayerSolid:
    2 1/2 D element consisting of a group of layers with an additional Z-component
  • Slicer:
    Slicing of TriaMesh into a LayerSolid
    optionally closing of open layers if triangles have open edges
  • Hatcher:
    Filling of layers with various styles, beam compensation and up- / downskin distinction for advanced hatching
  • STL-IO:
    Import and export of ASCII and binary STL files
  • CLI-IO:
    Import and export of ASCII and binary CLI files
  • View3D:
    Display of the SCAPS 3D and 2 1/2 D entities.
    Transformation of entities like scale, translate and rotate.